2023 IFAC

Integrity in a transforming World

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October 16-18, 2023 8-11am US EDT

Integrity and ethics are cornerstones of the accountancy profession, underpinning professional accountants' public interest responsibility setting our profession apart.

We regularly encounter challenges to our integrity and ethics, challenges that continue to rapidly evolve. Join us to discuss how we maintain our focus on integrity and ethics related to economic crime, sustainability reporting and related assurance and artificial intelligence.

Monday October 16th


Integrity & the Fight Against Corruption

Featuring sessions on confronting fraud, the award-winning film “All too Familiar”, and a conversation on the necessity of collaboration to fight corruption.

Tuesday October 17th


Integrity & Sustainability

Featuring sessions on the intersection of integrity and sustainability reporting and assurance, a just transition to net zero, and avoiding the risk of greenwashing

Wednesday October 18th


Integrity & Ethics in Artificial Intelligence

Featuring sessions on the interplay between ethics and AI and how to use AI ethically and a special Global Ethics Day panel on why integrity matters to us all, every day.